3x3CONECT Service Delivery Model Maximizes Profit with Operational Effectiveness, and Customer Satisfaction across multiple levers that balance our clients’ objectives Our main strength lies in understanding the requirements of customers and putting together a workable plan to address the same. We mobilize the right technical and managerial talent, by working with independent consultants and partners to make available to our customers the best possible solution.

When it comes to meeting customer requirements, we have the edge in the following areas:

Partnership & Long Term:
• Committed to a long haul and not short term benefit
• Willing to make investments
• Several Customers on long term engagements
• We adhere to our own quality standards and we adhere to client quality standards as well
• Attempt to do things right the first time
• Gauging the needs of the clients right the first time
• Immediate response to requirements and always available for critical requirements round the clock
• SLA based support
• Flexibility to address client needs

Profit Maximization


Improve offer rates to customers
Enhance focus on products
Launch new channels (telesales, Web, device)
Increase sales and contact
Enhance targeting of customers
Align channels with segmentation and selling requirements

Customer Satisfaction


Improve accessibility to the customer
Present resources as more knowledgeable and interact on a personalized basis with the customer
Result-Oriented Approach

Operational effectiveness


Reduce Non-Value add
Minimize errors by frameworks & automation
Improve efficiency through better utilization, training, and retention
Reduce demand of overhead