Application Development

We have a well-defined application development process covering the complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) from requirement analysis to deployment to support/maintenance of the application. This process supports a delivery model where work responsibilities are delegated across project teams, globally (if needed).
Our application development activities are bound by Agile Framework called SCRUM. Develop. Metrics are defined around it and subsequently tracked and measured.

This methodology is used for:
• New application development
• Enhancements and modification of existing Application
• Migration and consolidation of Application

Some of the key metrics that are defined and monitored are:
• Productivity Schedule Compliance
• Application scope management
• Budget adherence
• Product quality
• Post implementation customer satisfaction
• Defect containment
• End-user acceptance

Application Maintenance

At 3x3CONECT, our well-defined application maintenance process enables effective capture and reporting resolution of maintenance requests. The process supports a global delivery model that enables work responsibilities to be delegated across different project teams. Our application development activities are bound by Agile process SCRUM. Metrics are defined and tracked using web based tools managed by our customers.

Some of the key metrics defined and monitored are:
• Incident management
• Time to resolve
• Work around resolution
• Root cause analysis

Our application maintenance services deliver:
• Reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
• Applications stability
• Savings which can be used for strategic investments

This development and maintenance framework supports an onsite-offshore delivery methodology utilizing the expertise of delivery groups spread across continents.